How Telemarketing in India are operating in COVID19?

VR TeleMarketer (VRTM), Telemarketing Company in India is being handling national and international clients even when the nation and world is facing lockdown due to COVID 19. Our clients being great helpful in letting we transfer the work to home mode with the employees’ inability to commute to office. So it is our duty to provide the work to our clients with the same quality as we were providing before lockdown.

Telemarketing Company in India provides following advantages

Monitor the work of employees (telemarketing agents):- Our telemarketing company helps in improving your marketing values as we use cloud based system to provide access of each call. We have technology to monitor our remotely working employees work as supervision and track log in/out for attendance of our employees along with break time. You will get the same quality of work even when employees are working from home. The tracking of work will help to get transparent working style of the employees.

Customized Services:- We provide customized services to our clients as we select the employees and make arrangement for interview with our clients before finalizing them, We provide virtual training and conference meeting on Zoom and Skype.

Wide range of services: – VRTM, telemarketing company provides wide range of telemarketing services including, cold calling lead generation and appointment setting, business to business telemarketing, follow-up and inbound sales telemarketing from the remote area. We manage the work from centrally server and provide report as need along with detail of work.

VR TeleMarketers is Telemarketing Company in India provides customized services to their clients while taking care of their employees in covid19 pandemic. When we take care of our employees they work with more dedication. We allow them to work from home which saves their energy, commuting time and keep them safe so they be regular to work timely and deliver the work within time with the quality the you are searching for.

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