Many questions arise in your mind when you are new to virtual receptionist services. Some of those frequently asked questions are given below. If you still have more questions at the end of these FAQ’s, you are always welcome to ask them. We will be happy to answer your queries.
Answering services are a part of customer service in which the live call agent answers queries of the customer and provides summaries to you but the virtual receptionist does more. The virtual receptionist can answer the call, manage appointment schedules, route important calls, maintain a diary and capture leads.
You can use already existing numbers or we can assign you a new number, which you can use within your local area code.
We are open 24/7 days a week.
Yes! Our live receptionists are trained to handle each call efficiently with a smile on their faces making the caller comfortable.
Our receptionists answer the phone, with a tailored greeting customized according to your need.
All our receptionists are located in India. You can hire bilingual or multilingual receptionists according to your need.
We provide flexible virtual receptionist services and you can always upgrade it. We can even retroactively upgrade your plan to ensure that you have enough minutes to handle your call volume.
We always provide services on cloud based system which provide you real time access of your services and we provide call log with minutes of your company which will help you to know the time used. You are always welcome to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.
Yes, whenever our receptionists take breaks or have unplanned absences, they are covered. We will provide you customized services that can be part -time or full time.
Our aim is our client’s growth so we will surely provide information of your product and services if you need it ensuring safety measures should you require the need to protect such information.
Sure, our virtual receptionist can transfer your calls anywhere you want and to any phone number.
If you are not able to take a call, our virtual receptionists will take a message for you or the call will be transferred to voicemail.
It depends on your software. If it allows remote access, then we can book your appointments using your current scheduling software. Our live virtual receptionist will book the appointment on your behalf, using the preferred software.

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