Cloud-based call center are managed by cloud software which is a symbol of reliability of record, data and the quality of work done.

Cloud based call center has more advantages than a simple call center. Its modern technology can be accommodated with any user which has internet access. It makes the access easy and comfortable with the following advantages.

Flexibility of Customer Services from anywhere: – You can be anywhere in the world. Cloud call center provides
you access of your inbound or outbound calls record to access in real time.

• Improve the call center service operations: – It increases the efficiency of the agents by reducing calling time, making report time, managing the route. It values the time of agents and lowers the cost. It is user friendly software.

Provides multichannel support: – Cloud based contact center provides services to their clients on multiple channel including phone, fax, email, text, web chat, video, social media to provide smooth cross- channel experience. It helps in staying connected with the call center every time

• Real Time Statistics: – Cloud system provides access to real time stats. It provides greatest facility that you can barge the call when the call center representative is on the call. You can yourself test the quality of the call and representative.

VRtelemarketers is cloud based call center and record every call irrespective of nature of call with the intention to provide benefits of transparency to their clients. We provide inbound call center services, outbound call center services and auto dialer services through cloud based technology to all type of industries irrespective of their nature and country. We provide same services to global countries including India.
We are providing recently outbound call center services to global companies which are listed below:

Neo Trip

Neo trip is a travelling company in United Kingdom that promotes Indian rich culture and heritage for tourism. They design exclusive holiday packages for their customer to make their trip enjoyable and memorable. Our telemarketing agents help in generating leads for B2B by calling India hotels and restaurants through cloud telephony system to nearby tourist places to add them in NEO trip itinerary. They do the entire work from calling to preparing database. They also help them in new customer acquisition through cold calling. The expert agents help in generating leads and appointment setting for the sales team.

TOPCA an Account Professionals Website

VRtelemarketers is serving an accountant website through their data research and mining, chat support and telemarketing services. They create database using Google search and different social media sites similar to LinkedIn. The skilled agents give cold calling to the targeted prospects i.e. is accountant companies to join them and post their profile on the website. The professional team helps them in generating leads, new customer acquisition and finally closing sales by using the cloud telephony system. Our marketing team is also helping them in improving rank of the website through using various tools and techniques of SEO.

ZOI holidays

ZOI provides time sharing packages to their customer’s holidays to help them to take best memories of life with them during the trip. VRtelemarketers telemarketing agents call the prospects through cloud based system for appointment setting. They generate highly qualified leads for their sales team and provide the recording also to verify the record.

VRtelemarketers uses the best technology for their clients. We work on cloud based system not only to provide transparency but also to avoid any leakage of data. Our system is secure and robust with the features of protection of data of our clients. We provide entire recording of the calls done by us with the report on cloud platform. We are friendly cloud based call center for the companies around the world and always welcome suggestions for further improvement.

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