B2B Building Database is important key for business to generate lead.

We are the telemarketers in India (VRTM) stores information in electronic records that make searching and retrieving data easily. We save vital information in spreadsheet which allows you to select needed data only applying conditions. We help you to facilitate your business and generate lead.

Database are created using demographics Like location, gender, expenditure, income and other characteristics required by the company for their business. For example:-

  • Geographical location can help you to know about climate, time zone, culture and other charactrstics of a particular country or state. So you can easily contact right customer at right time.
  • SIC or NAICS codes allow to know the company types you want to contact.
  • Revenue of a company helps you to know the size of a company and its resources. So you can easily approach right company for your business.
  • Number of employees of your company, their salary, qualification, department etc to make team and manage them accordingly for company’s benefit.
  • To find potential customer for your business.

Advantages of building telemarketing database

VRTM build database with accuracy and using latest technology and skilled staff. Our database is reliable and easy to access by your staff. We build database according to your requirement to save your time and money in useless searching in papers. It will help you to contact potential customer at right time to generate lead.

VRTM Client for Database Bulding

We are helping them to build database of accountant professionals, accountant job seekers and companies who require accountants. We call them to sign up with TOPCA, develop and register their website using telephone and internet lead generation services.

Rayna Group
We are calling and signing up with India travel agents on Rayna Group B2B online portal to sale them holiday packages of Rayna Group.

We are making cold calling to Hotels, Restaurants, Spa, Cafe of destination like Taj Mahal in India and Statue of Liberty in USA to signup them and add their name in itinerary for their travel packages.

Company's Achievements

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