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Lead Generation Services

Outsourcing lead generation services helps in converting prospects into long term customers. It helps in fuel sales by providing high performing lead generation solutions.

VRtelemarketers has experience of a decade in helping companies with B2B lead generation services and looking forward to make your company the partner to improve your sales. This experience has enabled us to provide lead generation services to wide range of global industries. Our expert team has required skills of lead generation that can nurture meaningful relationships with qualified leads. We understand your unique requirements and based on your business need we provide you customized services.

Why Lead Generation Services?

Outsourcing lead generation services vendor is essential because in the absence of adequate leads your business cannot have proper growth. It helps in shortening of the sales cycle, generating new leads and boost up the sales. Outsourcing lead generation services in India will help you in reducing the operation cost and provide you experienced team that will work efficiently to generate leads. Our lead generation team works closely with the client sales team to generate qualified leads for them.

Our Lead Generation Services Expertise

B2B Lead Generation Services

Vrtelemarketers has experience of over 10 years for business-to-business lead generation services. We use state-to art technology and infrastructure to generate robust pipeline of leads ready for sales. We have dedicated team with deep experience to provide expected results.

B2C Lead Generation Services

We provide advanced and proven B2C lead generation process to find new prospects through online methods including postings in forums, blogs and social networking sites, sending emails and newsletter and offline methods like telemarketing, referral programs, postal campaigns, PR and advertising, meetings, surveys, seminars and conferences. We entrust the task to experiences lead generation expert to deliver the result in shortest possible time.

Lead Generation services at VRtelemarketers

We use advanced technology for lead generation serices with back-up system for free flow of services. We are using new techniques like online lead generation services but no other hand we are also not forgetting our traditional techniques offline lead generation services to provide our clients proven strategies for customized campaigns.

Want to see increase in your sales and profits? Contact us to know more about lead generation services at sales@vrtelemarketers.com

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Radio City 91.1FM
We are answering inbound calls and making outbound call to do presale activities to generate qualified customers advertisement leads for Radio City 91.1 FM.

Rayna Group
We are calling and signing up with India travel agents on Rayna Group B2B online portal to sale them holiday packages of Rayna Group.

Career Pathshala
We are providing counseling telemarketing services for generating leads of class twelfth student to select best carrier through education courses consultation services of Career Pathshala.

We are providing telemarketing for lead generation services to help NBA building relationship with those students who are interested in media and film making.

State Care
VRTM are providing an lead generation services to state care for all types of medical staffing requirements and build bridge between the customers and company to help them meet the requirement.

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What Is B2B Lead Generation Services

What Is B2B Lead Generation Services?

B2B Lead generation services strategies convert potential customers into spenders or qualified leads i.e. the B2B lead generation call center plans a strategy that funnels the people with interest..

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