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We are telemarketers in India (VRTM) is cloud based call center for All (Including India)

VRTM provides b2b call center and b2c call center services. We are in business since 2011, with of state-the-art infrastructure across two locations in India, we ensure that clients have access of cloud technology to monitor their work and could listen our agents call while are talking with the potential customers, we provide uninterrupted customer support and after services and deliver growth for our client business.

We are one of the leading telemarketing services providers in the Telemarketing Business industry in India and we have worked with clients across around the world for English and Multilingual languages telemarketing. Our offshore delivery center from India has helped clients reduce their capital and operating costs without compromising on quality of services their business. We pride ourselves as repeat and growing business from our existing clients.

VRTM client list currently as leading e-commerce companies, small and medium enterprises and as boutique agencies. We have solutions customized to suit the requirements of clients segment. Of Call Centers telemarketing Services, VRTM is ideal outsourcing telemarketing services partner.

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Outsourcing Telemarketing Service


Cold calling telemarketing is a technique to give information of your product or services by our agents to customers through phone. We are the Telemarketers in India (VRTM) is helping its clients to generate lead for their company.

Lead Generation Service is a marketing tool to develop relation between customer and your company. For generating more sales lead, leave your business to our specialist telemarketing lead generation company.

We are the Telemarketers in India (VRTM) has experienced Appointment Setting team that set appointments with interested parties and help to grow the business for your company. Sales increase if you meet and consult the right prospectuses who are interested to meet you to listen.

A Telesales service is act of sales representatives to contact customers directly by telephone.

Multilingual Telemarketing Services generate interest for your company products by bridging the gap of the language barrier between different nations.

How Our Telemarketing Services Can Benefit Your Business to Grow?

We are the telemarketers in India (VRTM) beleives not only calling the customers of given database. It also helps companies to built relation with the audience by different ways:-

  • Manages database of potential prospects
  • Communicate messages to audience in personalize way about the availability of your brand.
  • Research market and its need for the product or services provided.
  • Maintain feedback of the prospects review.
  • Cost effective as compare to other advertising systems.
  • More fast in the world of competition- more audience can be made aware in less time.
  • Reliable technology used by all type of people specially educated.
  • Save environment by reducing paper and travelling.

How we are apart and good from other telemarketing vendors in India

  • We Call Right Customers for your business- Our telemarketing services provide potential database which develops interest in people for your product or services.
  • We prepare database of Potential customers- We prepare database of the people who are interested in your product or services if required as keep data research and mining experts.
  • Our telemarketing agents maintain feedback to make you aware why the people like or dislike your product.
  • VRTM team campaign your brand-We advertise your brand and tell them why they should use it.
  • We work in marketing automation- Our telemarketing company use software for those marketing department for which repetitive task is to be done to save time.

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