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The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA)

The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) provides professional education in multiple industries. Their main aim is to provide resources to those people who want to continue their education further after compulsory education. The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) is located in Europe and America.

How VRTM helped them?

We VRTM had branded the company in Europe and America for people willing to continue their education in fields like school teachers, professors and professionals (i.e. Doctor, Lawyer, nurse etc). Our referral marketing helped them in generating lead. Their university got high rate with good reputation. People willing to continue their study further in professional field started looking forward toward them.

Kimmunicate Plus

Kimmunicate Plus is a UK based telephone marketing specialist company. It provides inbound and outbound services to all type of business. They campaign brands for different industries all over the world.

How VRTM helped them?

We VRTM had been Kimmunicate Plus telemarketing partner in India for Indian project. We contacted around 50,000 industries all over India and updated reports to them before the foresaid time with more than 95% accuracy.


V3biz is an IT training company. They trained those people who wants to make their career in sales, Software development, Web and apps Development, Mobile computing and Cloud Computing. They had designed their curriculum accordingly that enhance the skills of a person. V3biz is located in USA.

How VRTM helped them?

We VRTM provide telecalling solutions to V3biz for attracting USA based candidates and match them to their client’s companies. We shortlisted the candidates searching for jobs and build a relationships between candidates and clients of V3biz

Eamida: learning management system

Eamida is a USA based learning management system which provides e-learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum and study material. It helps in building bridge between different locations and provides digital connection to avoid time gap.

How VRTM helped them?

We VRTM provide services like cold calling and appointment setting for Eamida which successfully build relation between potential customers and Eamida to generate lead.


MAAA is a school providing kick boxing and martial arts to students. It is a USA based school.

How VRTM helped them?

We VRTM help MAAA to campaign for their school. We build a connection between students and school on discounted rate. When student contact through us they got better fee structure.


We Restaurant.com is a website which helps searcher to get dinning deals nationwide.
We VRTM campaigned for USA restaurants for six months and made interested customers to sign up for new plans and coupons. Customers had signup for arrangements of their engagement and other parties also. Our campaigning helped Restaurant.com to get good ROI

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