We are as Telemarketers in India

We are telemarketers in India(VRTM) is a passionate Telemarketing Company to generate lead for your business. Our goal is your growth. We believe in building long term relation with our clients. Our clients are happy and more than doubled their work within six months. VRTM has deep domain knowledge and good communication skills. They are proficient and dedicated in their work. They have extensive knowledge of changing market trend and understanding perspectives of our customers. We have energetic team of sales representatives, domain specialists, customer service representatives, business analyst and management and HR who helped VRTM to grow to a height.

  • 2011

    we started in year of 2011 with back-office work

    We started with back-office work in 2011 making a positive impact on customers, employees and small businesses. Our mission is to do everything possible to build a creative and diverse global team that can make a positive impact in our clients mind. Our team is smart, passionate with different professional backgrounds who work on behalf of our clients. We helped our clients to achieve their goals by providing data entry, data management, data research and analytics in a scalable manner. We provide complete back office support and helpdesk solutions. We had been providing a wide array of Back Office & helpdesk solutions to service and support industry across the globe.

  • 2014

    we started voice operation in year of 2014

    From there in 2014 we started voice operation. Our voice operation team consists of professionals with rich experience in their respective fields of specialization. They hold a firm belief that there is always a scope for improvement in the services we render. Commitment to excellence is our credo and we focus on delivering true customer values. We provide them quality work to provide excellent service and friendly support. We always keep an eye on the latest trends and adopt new technologies to enhance customer’s satisfaction all over the world. The interests of our client’s customers are always top priority for us.

  • 2017

    we added second facility in year of 2017

    In 2017 to our milestone we added second facility to make us capable to handle and execute the increasing work properly. We render the highest standard of professional services in each assignment undertaken by us to focus on delivering true customer values. Our knowledge of vast range of handling outsourcing projects make us capable of providing quality work. We have been providing wide array of outbound and inbound call center services to various industries since 2011 and have been successful in delivering best call center solutions to our clients and our new facility is example of it. Our aim is our customer’s growth.

  • 2018

    we got ISO certified in year of 2018

    We got ISO certified in year of 2018 which has increased confidence in our team that their work have been recognized by a certified company. They take it as their responsibility to maintain the same standard of work to be delivered to the client. It assures that we work with a certified ISO 9001 quality management system. Our clients felt proud of working with us. They congratulated us and proudly recommend us to their known friends and relatives for call center in India. Our motto is to improve the quality and standard of work continuously to provide innovative working environment to our clients.

  • 2019

    we have dialed 500 Thousand customers in multicountry to speak for our clients product sand businesses in year of 2019

    In 2019 we have dialed until now about 500 thousand customers across the world in different languages on behalf of our clients to promote their products and businesses. We are proud to be the partner of many small and big companies in the growth of their company We have served them in market research, cold calling and up selling and cross selling of their products using our experience and knowledge for marketing. Our team dedication and hard work has helped us to stand at the position at which we are today. We have been successfully catering our inbound/outbound customers and taking care of back end and digital marketing work of our clients since 2011.

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