Data Cleansing is the process in which inaccurate data or list is identified and cleaned by various method. We are the Telemarketers in India (VRTM) have skilled staff and new technology to identify the incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant data and then that data is modified, replaced or deleted according to the requirement. We keep your data accurate and up to-date.

HOW VRTM help when your old and out dated data is affecting your business.

  • We check incorrect mis-spelt address and postcode and modify it.
  • We check if someone has change in address we replace it.
  • We delete the address of deceased customer.
  • We remove duplicate entries of same person.
  • We check telephone validation.
  • We cleanse data with additional telephone numbers.
  • We correct foreign country information.
  • We check validity of email address.
  • We check telephone numbers against CTPS or TPS before making calls.

Advantages of database cleansing for your business

VRTM will make your database simple and accurate. Clean data facilitate better decision making and execution. It will reduce the risk of fraud or invalid vendor as data will be checked by us. Duplicate data will be removed, so you need not to do multiple calling and emailing to same person. It saves money and time, makes business more efficient. It will reduce extra work load and help you to contact to right customers as your data will be updated.

VRTM Client for Database Cleansing

Dex Group
Dex Group’s standing within the travel industry in India is at the highest level; both with the tour operators and the retail travel agents as well as corporate and direct clients.

Company's Achievements

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