Avatar Dialer fast service, increases agents efficiency

We are the telemarketers in India (VRTM) Avatar Telemarketing Services is customer service based program with artificial Intelligence. Avatar call centers have innovative technology which automatically calls to the prospects using a human voice in the American or British Accent or Other Desire Accent that sounds friendly.

Avatar dialer agents are never demoralized by the responses of the audience. You can call more number of prospects and have more positive results if you use it for sales, lead generation, surveys, telefundraising and more other services. Avatar technology used by organizations experience more than 50% higher positive response rate than outbound calling services.

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VRTM Avatar Telemarketing Agents are still essential as each call is handled by live agents to retain customer loyalty and trust. This ensures that the customer experience better service especially in critical situations when only robo-calling is not sufficient.

We uses the Avatar dialer technology which is rapid unlike any other program which is followed by Avatar dialer agents who are professional and handled customers demand and expectation efficiently. We take care of each call.

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