We are the telemarketers in India (VRTM) reputation for excellence in providing consistent professional telephone fundraising program management using Avatar Dialer is reflection of our skills and experience. Our successful track record, comprehensive staff training and customizable reporting & analysis will make us your ideal partner for raising funds.

How VRTM will help you in Avatar telefundraising?

  • We train and manage a team especially for avatar-dialer.
  • Create an Avatar soundboard for telefundraising.
  • Build a list of new donors and existing donors.
  • Setup a schedule for pledge reminder calls for prospects and donors.
  • No hidden cost.

Electronic payments:

  • Credit Card
  • Check by phone/email
  • Paypal

Automatically generate:

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Tax deductible certificates
  • Reminder emails

Avatar-powered telefundraising acts as a stable annuity, minimizing all additional expenses of running a campaign.

  • Auto-dialing – more pledges, more donations.
  • Avatar dialer resembles human voice
  • Avatars are not affected by rejection, so concentrate on the Next Best Lead to Call
  • One Click Pre-Recorded Voice Drop, delivery of message is consistent and no wastage of time
  • Automatic Call Recording- to track daily calling performance and customer feedback.
  • Heads Up with Branch Call Scripting- To answer frequently asked questions.
  • Multiple personalities- Manages and displays the appropriate soundboard.
  • The script is recorded and uploaded to the Avatar Soundboard
  • Modifications of message can be done within minutes just by replacing buttons
  • Eliminate all overhead expenses and headaches - never deal with agent script deviation, mood swings, or distractions.

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