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Telemarketing technology

We are the Telemarketers in India (VRTM) have set of Technology that not only assures quality campaign for your company but also give report of leads timely and accurately. The technology with skilled staff of VRTM makes us unique in the vast world of telemarketing. You can choose technology yourself according to your requirement or take help of our extremely experienced manager to generate lead.

Predictive Dialers are auto dialers that help the telemarketing agents to make their calls faster. The advantages of Predictive Dialers predict when next call is likely to be connected. So that agent can spend their maximum time speaking to the customer. It saves the connecting time. It also has in built reporting tools like no. of operational lines, average time an agent spends on a call, allows recording of the calls for quality checks, for developing performance report.

Manual Dialing gives relaxing time to sales representatives which help them to make their mind for next call. While they are spending time in making calls, they can change their strategy for turning customers to potential customers. The manual dialers are ideal for those business in which our sales representatives have to change their strategy from customer to customer specially known customers.

We have Progressive Dialing technique which help our sales representatives to get prior contact information. It also gives some time to our sales representatives to review before dialer automatically places the call.

VRTM uses Avatar Dialer is a cloud based software as it has very interesting features like predictive dialing, agent status boards, billing, a recording portal, local caller Id, Internet chat and robo-calling voice broadcasting. Avatar Dialer has more features like it uses voices with British or American accents to answer and place calls.

Call Recording We provide Quality assurance to our customer through call recording software. Recording helps our sales representatives to analyze customer and effectively campaign for your product and keeping customer happy. The servers store message to assess the quality of staff and make required changes.

Live Reporting We heartily thank Google for free tools and application available online (without charging extra cost from us as well as our clients) to access to integrate for real time reporting for our entire team and our clients.

Summarized or Customized Reporting We provide required customized or summarized reporting needed by you. It can be hourly / daily / weekly and monthly as per your requirement.

Technology specification of us:

  • Desktops/Laptops : Dell
  • Contact Center Dialers for all including India: Cloud Inhouse Vici Dial
  • Servers : IBM
  • Routers: Dlink Series Router
  • Switches: CISCO Catalyst Switches
  • Headsets: Alliance
  • IPLC: End to End Fiber
  • CMS software and Vici Dial Dialer for a skill-based routing for timely reporting
  • Well-structured LAN cabling from Dlink Cat6
  • Internet Lease line with dedicated MB speed, guaranteed uptime 99.6% and IPLC from New York to India
  • IBM's high end servers with quad processor, load balancing, timely backup data and mirroring.
  • Quarterly Network Virus Scans with Check Point Firewall and Dlink Powered Network
  • ASA Firewalls, proxy, Intrusion detection technology
  • Digital VoIP exchange with a total of 20E1's on Vici Contact Center Suite which includes complete CRM, ACD , KM

Technology feature of us:

  • Cloud Predictive dialer
  • Cloud Preview Dialer
  • No sales call drop