Telemarketing Technology

We are Telemarketers in India (VRTM) have set of Technology not on assures quality campaign for company but also give report of leads timely and accurately. The technology with skilled staff of VRTM make unique in vast world of telemarketing. Can choose technology yourself according to requirement or take help of extremely experienced manager to generate lead.

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The Online UPS transfer the switch on auto power generator in case of power failure occurs. We have Online UPS for unlimited time power failure, the rectifier just drops out of the circuit and the batteries keep the flow of power steady and unchanged.

We use biometric which is an Image-based technology. Our each employee is allowed to enter only after fingerprint using a scanner to provide safe and secure environment.

We use predictive dialer for outbound calling that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers to save the time of agents by helping agents to screen busy lines, no answers and disconnected numbers.

We use Call Recording Systems to capture calls made to prospects. We provide facility to our client to assess agent performance and related screens utilized to serve sales lead.

IVR is useful for customers to access the information without talking to any live agent. If callers do not get complete information the calls are routed to Total Response where call center representatives handles the queries.

Cloud call centers helps to provide services data directly to our clients on any platform they ask for it. Our clients can access instant and statistics on real-time, monitor the live call and have feedback of their agents directly etc. It provides data security facility also.

We use protection of back up of second server with BGP (Broad Greater Protocol) which helps to provide smooth and continuous internet services.

Our call center is fully secured with the CCTV cameras and guards.

Cloud software provides transparency of work done. Our call center is managed by cloud software which provides real time experience to our clients. It provides live reporting of the data, on-going project and agent’s performance. It is a symbol of reliability of record, data and the quality of work done as it is robust and secure. It provides comprehensive tools and applications which allow communication on multiple channels which is known for access of data whenever and wherever you require it. It also helps in sophisticated call routing, agent management and analytics.

We use high-performance data storage servers and applications. Our storage server stores, access, secure and manage digital data, files and services.

We use data policy for ensuring of the proper management of digital information which helps in business process management (BPM) and enterprise risk planning (ERP), and security, data quality and privacy.

We use Hi-speed fiber internet connectivity for our telemarketing services. Optical fiber helps to transmit telephone signals, Internet communication, and other online work at faster speed than any other.

We use Avatar dialer that allows making calls automatically to number of people at same time in the required accent. It is especially used for telefundraising, election campaigning or by any industry that want to reach mass number of people at fast pace.

Our Network And Work Setup

Desktops/Laptops : Dell
We use branded laptops and Desktops like dell which has features like 9th Gen Intel i9, Operating System like Windows 10, Memory (RAM) up to 4GB,Dedicated Video Card, 1000 GB (1TB) Dual Drive (SSD & hard drive), Form Factor, Optical Drive, CD/DVD Burner.

Contact Center Dialers for all including India: Cloud Inhouse Vici Dial
We use Vicidial a call center suite which is specialized in predictive auto dialing and inbound call routing, featuring management, chat, full reporting, and email communication modules.

Servers : IBM
IBM System has servers with fast, 3.0 GHz/667 MHz, and 3.2 GHz/1066 MHz, 2 x 2 MB L2 Cache Dual Core Intel Xeon processors, providing greater system performance.

Routers: Dlink Series Router
Dlink Series Router has features like Gigabit Ethernet ports, Integrated VPN Functions, Integrated Switching & Routing, Robust Security: Firewall, IPv6 Protocol Solution, Granular QoS Policies and CISCO Catalyst Switches.

Switches: CISCO Catalyst Switches
Our Cisco Catalyst Switches has a choice of traditional, cloud managed, or full fabric-control mode. It has features of scales, port speeds, and interface types from 1G to 100G. Cisco has access of LAN switches that have been designed for a new era of intent-based networking. It is Secure and intelligent powered by intent and informed by context, with security embedded throughout. It helps our network team continuously to meet your business needs.

Headsets: Alliance
We use alliance headsets with Acoustic shock protection receiver, Microphone static shock protection, Noise cancelling microphone, USB plug and Play, USB 2.0 compliance, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Inline control board equipped with mute, RX volume.

IPLC: End to End Fiber
An IPLC (international private leased circuit) is a point-to-point private line which allows us to communicate between offices that are geographically dispersed throughout the world. It can be used for Internet access, business data exchange, video conferencing, and other forms of telecommunications.

ISDN provide us Improved spectrum efficiency, International roaming, Compatibility with integrated services digital network (ISDN), Support for new services., SIM phonebook management, Fixed dialing number (FDN), Real time clock with alarm management, High-quality speech, Uses encryption to make phone calls more secure and Short message service (SMS).

CMS software and Vici Dial Dialer for a skill-based routing for timely reporting
We use standard software like Vicibox Standard 6.0 | 1 MySQL and Web Server-4 Cores, 16 gig Ram, 2 TB HD No Raid |1 Asterisk & Recording Server- 4 Cores, 16 gig Ram, 2 TB HD | 1 Digium , 4 Port Telephony card.

Well-structured LAN cabling from Dlink Cat6
We use well structured LAN cabling and Dlink Cat6 because the Category 6 Augmented cable standard, was created to further improve the performance of Cat 6 Ethernet cables and Using Cat 6a enables 10 Gigabit Ethernet data rates over a single cable run up to 328 feet. Cat 6 also supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet up to 164 feet of cable length.

Internet Lease line with dedicated MB speed, guaranteed uptime 99.6% and IPLC from New York to India
We take a look at the advantages of leased lines because it provides Dedicated internet connection, Service level agreements, Higher upload speeds which makes easier to send emails, access data on servers and make VoIP calls.

IBM's high end servers with quad processor, load balancing, timely backup data and mirroring.
IBM high end server helps in providing Software as a Service (SaaS), mission-critical systems such as document management systems, intranets and portals, and social communities, and 200 Mbps throughput scalable up to 4Gbps, It also provides advantages of managing unpredictable traffic spikes due to marketing, seasonality, or regular daily activity, It provides SSL acceleration, compression, and caching, Quarterly Network Virus Scans with Check Point Firewall and Dlink Powered Network.

Quarterly Network Virus Scans with Check Point Firewall and Dlink Powered Network
We use Quarterly Network Virus Scans with Check Point Firewall and Dlink Powered Network to get real-time security intelligence from ThreatCloud. It prevent damage from malware attacks by stopping them at the gateway by stop incoming malicious files, prevention of access to malware infested websites and receive up-to-the-minute malware intelligence from the ThreatCloud knowledgebase. It integrates into the Check Point Infinity Architecture to activate Antivirus on any Check Point Security Gateway.

ASA Firewalls, proxy, Intrusion detection technology
ASA firewalls constantly analyze threat data and create security protections with features like NGIPS and advanced malware protection to detect and stop it. It can be combined with other technologies to increase detection and prediction rates.

Digital VoIP exchange with a total of 20E1's on Vici Contact Center Suite which includes complete CRM, ACD , KM
We use VICI software suite that is designed to interact with complete inbound/outbound contact function as an ACD for inbound calls or for Closer calls coming It provides Omni-Channel Interactions, CRM Integrations.

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