Outsource Telemarketing in India for Customer Reactivation Campaign

The main objective of any business is to acquire new customers but to sustain growth you have to focus on customer reactivation.  Telemarketing in India through Customer Reactivation Campaign helps in re-engaging inactive customers which can give you opportunity to gain profits

What is Customer Reactivation, and how does it work?

Telemarketing in India marketers work on Customer reactivation campaign with the aim to “connect with inactive customers”. Marketers contact lapsed customers who had previously indicated interest but have subsequently vanished for various reasons. Customized messages and/or special incentives are used in reactivation campaigns to get inactive consumers back into the fold.

Theadvantages of outsourcing Telemarketing in India fora customer reactivation campaign:

• More sales: — By reselling or up selling to inactive consumers, reactivation initiatives may boost your sales. If a customer had a favourable experience with your brand or service in the past, the chance of sales is considerably bigger. Acquiring new customers is more expensive than maintaining current ones, a customer reactivation campaign’s potential ROI might be substantial.

• Build Strong bond: – Telemarketing in India can provide insight into what your existing customers are thinking and feeling, which can be used to help strengthen existing relationships by providing better service to existing customers before they become inactive. Customerreactivation campaign helps in targeting existing customers who had become inactive after the purchase because you are not approaching them.

• Gain competitive information – Inactivity might indicate that a customer has switched to a rival, in which case a reactivation campaign can assist you in answering one of the most crucial questions about customer turnover. You can discover why customers has choose your competitor—lower price, higher interaction, greater assistance, and so on. It can reveal a lot about your product and your brand’s place in the market.

VR Telemarketers, Telemarketing Company in India, has experience of planning Customer Reactivation Campaign for the success of your business. Through Reactivating existing customers or subscribers allow your sales team to take advantage of existing relationships.

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