VRTM is helping USA Start-up Company to build new customers for their business

VRTM, Telemarketing Company in India is working for SwiftSku a start-up company in USA to grow their business in the best way to reach out to prospects using right strategy. Our telemarketing team is helping them to acquire new business by providing extensive market survey, prospect identification, generating leads and sales and post sales services using most appropriate tools and technology.

VRTM has expert team for telemarketing services that plans and implement strategically to reach out to right prospects through cold calling and emails. Our team work hard with precision to provide fruitful results even in COVID-19 pandemic times. They all worked from the remote area with coordination with each other using the most advanced technology internet. SwiftSku participated with our team on skype and get the access of on-going project through cloud based technology. The real time access of their project has helped SwiftSku to be in personal touch with the team to get customized telemarketing services. Our team is providing post sale services also to help SwiftSku to build strong relationship with their customers.

VRTM, Telemarketing Company is working for their clients 24/7/365 even when whole world is being lockdown or shutdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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