Telemarketing Services helps in Marketing your Product

Telemarketing services is the most effective technique to communicate with the people in less time as compared to other marketing methods. It is flexible and dynamic way to reach the targeted audience to convey your message and convert them into your leads.

The importance of outsourcing telemarketing services is to market your new products or services in a successful manner to increase your ROI. Vrtelemarketers help in enhancing your business by generating leads and converting prospects into your customer by our services.

The telemarketing services vrtelemarketers offer to their clients.

  • We believe in working professionally. Our relations with our customers are always long lasting.
  • We use cutting edge technology and always believe in upgrading our technology with time. Our technology is supported by cloud based system and with back-up of internet and power to provide you services without any hurdle.
  • We use dialers like predictive dialer and avatar dialer to provide you best services in less time.
  • We are able to handle all size projects from small to medium and large.
  • Our telemarketing agents have good communication skills and deliver the message in the pleasant manner.
  • We offer wide range of services including appointment setting, lead generation, customer survey, database cleansing, cold calling, data profiling and much more.
  • Our content writer writes dynamic script in effective way to highlight main features of your product.
  • Our system is robust and secure and under the surveillance of cctv cameras to avoid any leakage of data.

Vrtelemarketers have record of completing the projects within the time limit with flying colors and have been serving our clients from last seven years continuously. We offer all services at reasonable prices.

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  1. George

    Please tell me how should I plan my telemarketing activity?

    1. vrtele

      Hi George
      Telemarketing is the cost effective way to market your product. First decide part or range of your business you want to outsource for telemarketing. Then decide you want only lead generation using cold calls services or appointment setting. You can choose telesales also if you want to sale your product on the phone. Visit for more services or contact them for right plan and strategy.
      Thank you

  2. Robert

    What do your services include if I want to launch new product?

    1. vrtele

      Hello Mr. Robert
      If you have decided to market your product through telemarketing services it is a good option. You can choose from offline or online or both for lead generation services. Offline lead generation services include cold calling to prospects to generate leads and online is based on technique where prospect contacts themselves to agents through websites or other social networking sites to get information and leads are generated by skilled agents. Both methods are good and you can contact at for further information.

  3. Hayden

    I had revamped my Restaurant and want to offer people discount coupons. Please suggest me whether I should go for online telemarketing or offline telemarketing to increase the footfall of customers.

    1. vrtele

      Congratulations and all the best. In my opinion telemarketing through phone is best as it is direct marketing as in this type of marketing we approaches the customer from the front. We do not have to wait for the audience to find us. I will advise you to contact vrtelemarketers manager who will tailor your telemarketing project within your budget.

  4. Promila

    Can you set appointment for me to meet prospective customer?
    thank you

    1. vrtele

      Hello Promila
      Yes. Our agents will set appointments on your behalf. You can discuss it the number of appointments you want that your sales team can manage in a week. This will help to plan the project accordingly.
      Thank you

  5. Sam

    I am worried about pricing system. How can I have transparency? Do I can be over charged or charged without getting the results?

    1. vrtele

      You should not be worried for the prices with vrtelemarketers as they have cloud based system. You will have total transparency in the pricing structure. You can follow up the result yourself on real time. All the extra charges if exist would be clearly told before starting the project. There will be no hidden cost for any telemarketing services. For results of the any outbound calling is unpredictable but the call center agents of vrtelemarketers have the record of completing the project within the given time. You will get weekly report to track the results and performance of the agent. For more details contact the telemarketing manager of vrtelemarketers.

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