What does Telephone Interpretation Services mean for a user?

Telephone interpretation services are provided by VRTelemarketers to guarantee the quality of telephone conversations that are being translated and interpreted completely in short phrases clearly. Two different language speakers always come across misunderstanding issues due to communication gap. Professional interpreters are at your service to bridge the communication gap due to language barriers. Our Professional Telephone Interpretation experts support in interpreting the messages that are lively being communicated online through telephone between the client and the native language speaker.

How do we do Telephone Interpretation Services?

VRTelemarketers’ Telephone Interpreters understand the telephone conversations of their native Indian and foreign languages, and interpret it in the desired languages flawlessly to make the conversation more effective with the support of our well established interpretation process protocol guidelines. We have demonstrated our expertise in the Phone interpreter services in more than 14 different languages, to name a few of them that includes Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Odiya, Malayalam, Telugu, etc. We have been actively providing the Regional Language interpretation services to the clients who put up in North America and Europe. We can able to bridge the communication gap on the medical, legal, and financial needs of the Indians from India as well as abroad, who are not fluent in English language.

What are the advantages of using Telephone Interpretation Services?

  • 24/7, and throughout the year availability.
  • Conformance to non-disclosure agreements of the concerned parties.
  • Reliable interpretation with a proven positive track records in achieving higher customer satisfaction.
  • Interpreting the conference calls and Face-to-Face conversations.
  • Legal protocols in line with the ethics and code of conduct of interpreters.

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For the Medical, Government, Financial, and legal processes, Native Indian language speakers’ need for technically strong linguistic experts to interact with the foreign language speakers is cost effective through our Translating and interpretation service. We understand the languages of both the parties involved in the conversations, and provide an accurate and professional interpretation service based on being 24/7, hours a week and 365 days availability. Audio interpretation of a recorded Video content is provided using over-the Phone interpreting services by a team of male and female interpreters on the line for a distinguished experience of enjoying the global voice of VRTelemarketer’s On-demand Interpreters.

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