•  Since 2011

vrtelemarketers contact directly to the people through phone to raise money for noble cause. Telefundraising is cost-effective and time saving than any other campaign. We appreciate and thank our donors when they spend their precious time to speak to us.

How vrtelemarketers will help you in telefundraising?

  • We prepare attractive script with feeling for brand for which campaign is to be promoted.
  • We deliver our script on phone with emotion and good communication to make callers understand urgency of their support for your brand.
  • We are well prepared for objection from callers, so that we can inspire them to overcome their issue and turn it into a win.
  • We value our donors, so we listen patiently to them and answer them accordingly. We give complete attention to our callers.

How vrtelemarketers help you in telefundraising?

We use Avatar dialer to call for your fund raising programs. It helps in making more calls to potential customers by avoiding waste calls. More calls will result in more donors. We provide robo-calling avatar dialer also. Our professionals are proficient in convincing the need for donating and raising funds for the needed.