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Avatar Dialer vrtelemarketers uses Avatar Dialer for Avatar Telemarketing Services , which is a cloud based software as it has very interesting features like predictive dialing, agent status boards, billing, a recording portal, local caller Id, Internet chat and robo-calling voice broadcasting. Avatar Dialer has more features like it uses voices with British or American accents to answer and place calls.

The Avatars’ software feature of automated voice messaging service has many advantages.
Avatar Dialer is a predictive dialer with more interactive additional features. It saves the time of agent by controlling the unwanted calls. The unanswered calls, busy numbers, unavailable or disconnected lines and automated answered calls are not forwarded to agents.

  • Avatar Dialer is smart predictive dialer as if trying number is busy it automatically retry the number. It increases the quantity of calls.
  • Avatar Dialer’s technology helps to manage in assigning calls to agent. It ensures that agents attain all calls without being overloaded. So by using it agents never stop nor get tired.
  • Avatar Dialer’s automatically provide British and American accent which is beneficial for offshore countries. Sometimes finding agents with perfect accent becomes difficult.

How vrtelemarketers expertise in Avatar Dialer can help you in generating lead?

We vrtelemarketers are advanced telemarketing company which uses avatar dialer for all predictive calling services as well as for robo-calling. Avatar Dialer helps our proficient agents to spend more time in talking with highest number of connected calls which generates more leads for your company at low cost.